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It is an orange with non-bloody flesh, practically seedless, very rich in juice, with high productivity. Its major interest lies in its extreme precocity which allows it to be picked before the navel varieties.

Production period : From the end of December to the end of February


Late seedless clementine obtained by natural mutation of fine clementine in the Souss region. Medium-sized fruit with an elongated shape at the level of the peduncle, easily peeled

Production period : From December to the end of January

Maroc late

Maroc Late is an orange with very late maturity. Its flesh is characterized by an exceptionally high juice rate and a flavor of great taste quality.

Production period: From April to July


The clementine is a citrus fruit of the clementine tree (Citrus × clementina), a hybrid tree of the rutaceae family1, resulting from the cross between a mandarin tree (Citrus reticulata) and an orange tree (Citrus sinensis).

Production period: From October to the end of December


The Nadorcott tangerine stands out for its original and surprising flavor thanks to a perfect balance between sugars and acidity. Its juicy and flavored pulp, sweet with a touch of acidity, melts in the mouth offering an exceptional taste experience

Production period: From late December to early April

Washington sanguine

Orange from the group of Sanguines, considered a variety of half-seasons. Medium to large in size, the shape is rounded but pulls towards the oval. Medium fine and smooth skin, rather adherent but easy to peel. The color of the epidermis is orange.

Production period: From the end of January to March