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Thanks to the initiative of seven farmers, AGRUMAR SOUSS was created in 1982. Today, AGRUMAR SOUSS plays a role of an aggregator under the Green Morocco Plan and counts 64 members of which more than 50 % are women. Thirty Eight years of history of commitment helped AGRUMAR SOUSS become one of the important agriculture sector leaders in Morocco.

Our values


In an industry such as ours, compliance procedures and food safety standards and safety becomes a necessary and crucial issue. This is why the AGRUMAR cooperative engages firmly on respect for procedures and strives to integrate SANITATION value in all these production processes and in all its logistics operations.


Our production meets the most stringent international standards and norms. From production to delivery to the customer, through all stages of wrapping and packaging, follow rigorous system of traceability and control ensures the maintenance of the quality of the fruit and its contents taste and nutritional.


The mouthfeel is a major element in the values of the AGRUMAR SOUSS cooperative. We strive to harvest for export to our international clients to meet all processes to offer a quality product and a quality taste and a pleasant flavor.


Beyond the economic value, the cooperative AGRUMAR Souss also creates social value. The preservation of the environment, the welfare of employees, are goals that integrated the cooperative. The resort has a restaurant, a prayer room, an infirmary, a cloakroom and a toilet block.